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Open Educational Resources: Affordable @ NSCC

A guide for faculty to locate quality open content for their courses.

Affordable @ NSCC

The high cost of commercial print textbooks is a major concern for both students and their parents. To address these concerns, NSCC started an Open Textbook Initiative in the Spring of 2015. The Open Textbook Initiative is a program that encourages the use of existing low-cost or free information resources to support our students’ learning.

NSCC Courses

Courses at NSCC using OER materials are designated in the Find Courses search on the College's website with the note: "This course uses textbooks and course materials that are available at no or low cost."

The following courses meet that criteria.

Animal Science

ANS104, Breed ID, Prof. C. Watkins


BIO100, Current Topics in Biology, All Sections*
BIO212, Anatomy & Physiology 2, Prof. R. Gottlieb


CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. C. Jean
CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. C. Keebaugh
CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. W. Pothier-Hill
​CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. D. Santos*
CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. R. Vautour
CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. K. Yanchus
CMP101, Composition 1, Prof. J. Zamparelli
CMP102, Composition 2, Prof. J. Burt
CMP102, Composition 2, Prof. L. Eaton
CMP102, Composition 2, Prof. C. Keebaugh
CMP112, Composition 2: Writing about the Short Story, Prof. T. Whitney
CMP120, Composition 2: Writing about Media, Prof. A. Sears
CMP120, Composition 2: Writing about Media, Prof. D. Smyth
CMP122, Composition 2: Writing about Children's Literature, Prof. C. Keebaugh
CMP148 Composition 2: Writing about Literature and the Environment, Prof. W. Pothier-Hill
CMP190, Creative Writing, Prof. C. Duda

Computer Science

CPS124, Web Fluency, Prof. S. Carriker
CPS170, Database Theory and Applications, Prof. A. Hassan

Criminal Justice

CRJ208, Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, Prof. R. Roesler

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

DRG101, Addiction and Society, Prof. S. Chisholm
DRG106, Addiction Prevention, Prof. S. Chisholm
DRG201, Individual Counseling for Addiction, Prof. S. Chisholm


ECO103, Principles of Macroeconomics, Prof. WP Suozzo
ECO104, Principles of Microeconomics, Prof. WP Suozzo


ENT100, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Prof. L. Sappia
ENT200, Applied Entrepreneurship, Prof. L. Sappia

Environmental Studies

​EVS108, Climate Change, the Environment, and Society, Prof. C. Marin

First Year Foundational Literacy

FFL015, Composition 1 Seminar, Prof. W. Pothier-Hill
FFL015, Composition 1 Seminar, Prof. D. Santos*
FFL015, Composition 1 Seminar, Prof. K. Yanchus
FFL100, First Year Experience, Prof. D. Santos
FFL100, First Year Experience, Prof. D. Cady Arbeau
​FFL103, Understanding Higher Education, Prof. J. Burt
​FFL103, Understanding Higher Education, Prof. R. Green
FFL103, Understanding Higher Education, Prof. D. Santos
​​FFL103, Understanding Higher Education, Prof. K. Yanchus
​FFL103, Understanding Higher Education, Prof. S. Zajac

Gender and Women's Studies

GWS106, Revolutionary Women: Combating Inequality, Poverty, and Power, Prof. W. Pothier-Hill
GWS201, Masculinities, Prof. K. Kaufman
GWS203, Politics of the Veil, Prof. K. Kaufman


GEO108, Environmental Science, Prof. P. Dugger


​GRA206, Video for Social Media and Beyond, Prof. D. Smyth


HIS104, U.S. History 2, Prof. N. Chio
​HIS124, African-American History, Prof. N. Chio
HIS126, The World in the 20th Century, Prof. L. Davis
HIS131, World History 1 (face-to-face only), Prof. N. Chio
HIS131, World History 1, Prof. K. Kaufman
HIS132, World History 2, Prof. L. Davis
HIS132, World History 2, Prof. N. Chio
HIS132, World History 2, Prof. K. Kaufman*
HIS136, The History of Sexuality, Prof. K. Kaufman
HIS200, The Holocaust, Prof. L. Davis

Human Services

HUS140, Introduction to Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Care, Prof. E. Gilmore
HUS142, Introduction to Child/Youth Advocacy and Family Health, Prof. E. Gilmore

Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS108, Information Technology, Society and Culture, Prof. R. Capra
IDS109, Basho to Beyonce: Introduction to Poetry, Prof. T. Whitney
IDS142, Global Conflicts and Human Behavior, Prof. L. Davis
IDS172, Secrets, Sins, and Salem, Prof. T. Whitney


LIT103, Superheroes, Sleuths, and Singing Souffles: Adaptation in Pop Culture, Prof. C. Keebaugh
LIT206, World Literature 1, Prof. T. Whitney*
LIT210, American Literature 1: Colonial Period to the Civil War, Prof. C. Keebaugh
​LIT212, American Literature 2: Civil War to the Modern Age, Prof. C. Keebaugh


MAT110, Mathematics Literacy, Prof. C. Noftle
MAT241, Discrete Structures, Prof. P. Dube


MDA107, Introduction to Digital Media Literacy, Prof. D. Smyth
MDA108, Television Studies: The Big Picture, Prof. D. Smyth
​MDA110, Film and Popular Culture, Prof. D. Smyth
MDA203, World Cinema, Prof. D. Smyth
​MDA205, Scripting: Storytelling in the Digital Age, Prof. D. Smyth


MUS126 Basic Concepts of Music, Prof. R. Shiryayeva


PHI106, Introduction to Philosophy, Prof. F. Altieri
PHI106, Introduction to Philosophy, Prof. J. Rollins
PHI106, Introduction to Philosophy, Prof. K. Stanley
PHI116, Ethics, Prof. F. Altieri

Political Science

PLS106, Introduction to International Politics, Prof. N. Chio


PSY102, Introductory Psychology, Prof. M. Vazquez
PSY102, Introductory Psychology, Prof. W. Gordon-Hewick
PSY102, Introductory Psychology, Prof. S. Graham
PSY102, Introductory Psychology, Prof. K. Erbetta
PSY102, Introductory Psychology, Prof. S. Zajac
PSY110, Organizational Psychology and the Workplace, Prof. J. Lendall
PSY110, Organizational Psychology and the Workplace, Prof. A. Murphy
PSY204, Human Growth and Development, Prof. K. Erbetta
PSY204, Human Growth and Development, Prof. L. Messina Duluk
PSY204, Human Growth and Development, Prof. M. Vazquez
PSY212, Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences, Prof. K. Erbetta


REL102, Great Religions of the World, Prof. K. Stanley


SOC106, Introduction to Sociology, Prof. L. Messina Duluk
SOC106, Introduction to Sociology, Prof. A. Murphy
SOC106, Introduction to Sociology, Prof. S. Zajac
SOC202, Race, Gender, and Class, Prof. C. Marin
SOC204, Criminology, Prof. S. Zajac
SOC206, Social Problems in a Globalized Word, Prof. C. Marin
SOC208, Sociology of Families, Prof. S. Zajac


SPN100, Conversational Spanish, Prof. P. Godfrey*
SPN101A, Elementary Spanish 1: for the Health Professional, Prof. I. Fernandez*
SPN101C, Elementary Spanish 1: Business and Finance, Prof. I. Fernandez
SPN201, Intermediate Spanish 1, Prof. I. Fernandez
SPN202, Intermediate Spanish 2, Prof. I. Fernandez
SPN260, Conversational Spanish - Advanced, Prof. I. Fernandez


SPE102, Speech, Prof. J. Greene*
​SPE102, Speech, Prof. S. Raftery-Patton
SPE102, Speech, Prof. A. Sears
SPE102, Speech, Prof. D. Smyth
SPE106, Interpersonal Communication, Prof. S. Raftery-Patton

*This course uses textbooks and course materials that are available at a low cost.

OER Success @ NSCC

Savings to Students to Date




Spring 2015

2 courses


Summer 2015

2 courses


Fall 2015

5 courses


Spring 2016

6 courses


Summer 2016

3 courses


Fall 2016

11 courses


Spring 2017 18 courses $50,426.95*
Summer 2017 4 courses $5,334.10*
Fall 2017 23 courses $60,202.10*
Spring 2018 23 courses $57,040.20*
Summer 2018 10 courses $22,366.60*
Fall 2018 38 courses $74,755.35*
Spring 2019 37 courses $79,656.15*
Summer 2019 15 courses $25,525.85*
Fall 2019 43 courses $127,146.15*
Spring 2020 58 courses $128,529.35*
Summer 2020 23 courses $58,810.80*
Fall 2020 66 courses $192,753.10*
Spring 2021 69 courses $147,497.40*
Summer 2021 28 courses $57,728.25*
Fall 2021 79 courses $183,818.58*
Spring 2022 76 courses $134,185.35
Summer 2022 37 courses $63,429.40
Fall 2022 79 courses $163,049.14
Spring 2023 95 courses $164,999.80
  Total: $1,868,527.07

*Starting in 2017, we expanded our savings tracking to included courses using no or low cost course materials by faculty who implemented this on their own as well as those who worked with us on TAC projects.  

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