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How to cite from Infobase (Bloom's Literary Criticism)

undefined - The library subscribes to Bloom's Literary Criticism through Infobase. Infobase offers the citation information in MLA, Chicago, APA, and Harvard.

NOTE:  Provided citation is of the ebook as a whole, not individual chapters You will need to remember to cite the relevant chapters appropriately.  

The upper tools menu  copy and paste

The citation button is approximately halfway across the tools menu which runs along the top of the reading pane includes options for downloading, saving, sharing, printing, as well as citations. 


After clicking the "Citations" button, a pop will appear, where you can choose which style of citation you want to use. 


You can copy the citation by highlighting the text and using the "right-click"  on your mouse and selecting Copy from the menu or by pressing the Ctrl and C buttons at the same time.  Paste the citation in your document to save. This will copy and paste the citation for the WHOLE ebook from here. You will need to manually change the citation to reflect the exact selection from the title.