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Cite Research

Capturing Citations from Library Databases

how do you cite your sources

Most of the Library's databases will format citations in the MLA and APA styles. In general, there are one or more ways you can capture the citation. Each database looks a little different, this guide will help you locate the citation resources in them.


copy and paste

The most common is to copy and paste the citation using the citation tools in the database. You can copy the citation by highlighting the formatted citation and using the "right-click"  on your mouse and selecting Copy from the menu or by pressing the Ctrl and C buttons at the same time. Paste the citation in your document to save.



Several databases offer the option to email a formatted citation. When available, this is the best way to manage your sources. Not only will you have the formatted citation, but you will also have a link back to the source if you need to access it later. Using the email option, you can collect sources to review and copy citations for the ones you use.



Some databases offer the option to export citations. Most often, this option is for use with citation managers like Noodletools, Easybib, RefWorks, or Mybib. The Library does not subscribe to any citation managers but this option is available in some databases if you have an account with one of these. However, the Gale databases have an option to export a citation to Google Drive, allowing you to collect your citations that way.