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Open Educational Resources - History: Open Books

Open Educational Resources Guide Key

 Open - free to use and repurpose

 Free - free to use

 Affordable - available at low cost

 Free North Shore - available to NSCC students and faculty

Internet Archive Digital Books Collection

The Internet Archive is an online archive of millions of books and texts in the public domain.

Digitized content is submitted from archives, museums, libraries and individuals.

Open Access - free to use and repurpose

University of California Press E-book Collection (1982-2004)



The University of California Press' Public Title E-Books Collection contains public access history titles, meaning they are available online to anyone. (They are not in the public domain, i.e. free from copyright).


Etana - Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives

Etana, the Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives contains digitized archelogy texts produced by the civilizations of the Ancient Near East using the world's earliest written text forms — hieroglyphs, cuneiform, and alphabets. 


Project Gutenberg



Project Gutenberg houses eBooks whose copyright has expired and are now in the public domain. The majority of the eBooks are classics that can be used in humanties courses. To locate an eBook, you can search the entire catalog or browse by book category.  

The eBooks can be read online or downloaded to be read on various devices (Kindle, Android, iPad, Nook, etc.) 

Open Access - free to use and repurpose

Free North Shore



Search Ebrary to find scholarly ebooks on history topics.

Chinese Text Project

The Chinese Text Project contains ancient Chinese philosophical texts related to Confucianism, Doaism, and Legalism.


Avesta - Zoroastrian Archives

Avesta Zorastrian Archives includes Zoroastrian texts translated, such as The Book of Arda Viraf.

HathiTrust Digital Library

HathiTrust is a repository to archive and share digitized collections from partner libraries.The collection includes both in copyright and public domain materials digitized by Google, the Internet Archive, and Microsoft, as well as through in-house initiatives. The partner libraries provide an archive of published literature from around the world.