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Open Educational Resources - History: Open Lessons

Open Educational Resources Guide Key

 Open - free to use and repurpose

 Free - free to use

 Affordable - available at low cost

 Free North Shore - available to NSCC students and faculty

Standford History Education Group

The Standford History Education Group allows users to download World History (ancient, medieval and modern) and U.S. History lesson plans. The “Reading Like a Historian” world history curriculum is also included.


Bridging World History

Bridging World History from Annenberg Learner is organized into 26 thematic units along a chronological thread. Materials include videos, an audio glossary, thematically-organized interactive activities and primary sources.

Smart History at Khan Academy offers more than one thousand videos and articles on art from the prehistoric to the modern era.

The History Project

University of California - Davis History Project's Documentary Source Problems Collection contains lesson plans that encourage students to apply their analytical skills to a set of primary sources from which they can deduce and explain events from the past. 


Re-Inventing America: Tsnogas Industrial History Center

Re-Inventing America contains links to lessons and PowerPoints that focus on Lowell, MA during the Industrial Revolution.