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SPE 102 Speech - Greene: Finding Books

Why Use Books?

Thousands of books are published each year on nearly as many topics. Books are good sources for an overview of a particular topic, to find historical and biographical information, and to support an argument.

Search for books in our library and all NOBLE libraries.

Search for books in our library and all NOBLE libraries.  As of May 2012 the NSCC libraries use Evergreen, an open-source library system that offers much more for library users. Here are a few of the features

  • Easier to search and find the items you're looking for
  • Suspend your holds during semester breaks
  • Create booklists to share with students and colleagues
  • Improved security for off campus library use. Login now requires library card number and password

New Online Catalog Password
Your new online catalog password is your birth date (format: MMDDYYYY).

You can send for books from other libraries. They will be delivered to the library of your choice, including North Shore, usually within a week.

Online Books

  Search ebrary for thousands of online books. Ebrary has many features to help with your research. Log-in and save books, take notes, look up definitions, get explanations of terms, search the Web, all from within ebrary. When you copy text from ebrary and paste into a word processing document, ebrary will paste the citation with the text.