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Respiratory Care: Finding Articles

Why Use Articles?

Current Professional Journal Research Articles

Use current professional journal articles to answer foreground questions. A foreground questions is specific and relevant to a clinical issue that, when answered, provides evidence for clinical decision making.

Use the 4A process to answer foreground questions: Ask, Acquire, Appraise, and Attribute

Identifying Research Journals

If you are asked to find Evidence Based articles, your instructor wants you to review research studies to find supportive evidence of best practices.

When determining whether to use a information from a specific journal, find out whether the journal publishes research articles, and what areas they primarily publish in.

See if the journal undergoes a peer-review evaluation of the articles submitted to them before they are accepted for publication. Learn about Peer Review in 3 Minutes from the NCSU Libraries.

In Ebsco databases, click on the journal title in the Source field for a description of the journal, major subjects covered, and to find out if the journal is peer-reviewed.

CINAHL Headings

Search using CINAHL Headings, a structured list of descriptors that reflects the medical discipline. CINAHL headings can help you identify the preferred health professions terminology to use in the database. Use it like a medical thesaurus to build search vocabulary.

Finding Research Studies

Use CINAHL to find a Respiratory Care Research article that is peer-reviewed.

Click on "Show More" in the Refine Results options to see a full list of limiting options, including Published Date, English Language, Peer Reviewed, and setting Publication Type to "Research".

Core Respiratory Care Research Journals

Professional journals use research to determine the effectiveness of Respiratory Therapy interventions, and to improve upon diagnosis and prognosis of diseases, disorders and conditions.

Respiratory Care and the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy are top research journals in the field of Respiratory Care. These should be searched first when conducting evidence based research in your field.

Use the Publications field limiter in CINAHL Complete to limit your search to a specific scholarly respiratory research journal.

Resources - Research Databases

Allied Health and Medical Article Collections

Use these databases to find articles on your topic or clinical scenario.

Discovery Tool

Ebsco Discovery Service SNAP!Search 

Search for articles across all NSCC resources using Ebsco Discovery Search

Resources - Professional Medical Dictionaries

Professional Medical Dictionaries for help with Medical Terminology

Article Access

You will see three levels of article access:

  1. Article is available as a PDF or HTML Full Text File. Click on the file icon to view the article within the database.
  2. A Link is given to use the "Full Text Finder". Use the Full Text Finder tool and follow the links to view the article in another NSCC database or see if it is available as an open access article.
  3. Only a citation and abstract is available. Follow the instructions below to request the article free through the Library. 

Requesting Articles

InterLibrary Loan Options for Getting Articles

If the NSCC Library does not have access to the article you need, free electronic document delivery services are available to NSCC students, faculty and staff.

Request articles here