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Anti-Racism Resources

Critical Self-Assessment

Part of becoming an ally is understanding how you consciously think about race and where your internalized biases might lie.  The following tools are designed to foster your self-knowledge/awareness, to understand where you are positioned within anti-racism frameworks, and to help you identify areas of strength and areas for growth. 

Becoming aware of our relationship to race and racism is a complex, life long process. This process of learning/unlearning may not be entirely linear and can be uncomfortable. For white individuals, this process of self-discovery will call for the examination of their own whiteness, power and privilege, and how they have knowingly or unknowingly benefited from it.  This requires thinking critically about your own beliefs and unconscious assumptions about race and racism.

      A visual that helps captures the various steps in becoming anti-racist

















Inspired by the work of Dr. Kendi, the figure on reflects Dr. Andrew M. Ibrahim's journey toward becoming Anti-Racist. From:


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