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SOC106 - Introduction to Sociology - Marin

Getting Started

Background reading can help you get your mind around a topic and understand it at a high level. These resources can also help you explore topics,  suggest related topics, and ways to narrow a broad topic into a research question. 

Find Background Facts and Statistics

Where you find facts and statistical information about your topic will depend on your topic. For example, if your topic is related to public health, you might search the World Health Organization or the CDC. but for a topic on racial discrimination or crimes targeting People of Color, you would mioght look at the FBI or The Southern Poverty Law Center. 

When thinking about where to look, ask yourself:

  • What government agencies are involved?
  • What organizations do work in this area?
  • Who is researching this topic?

Look for websites that end in .gov .org and .edu 

Find Peer Reviewed Articles

Find Books

Find Streaming Video

Find News