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Resources for students researching topics in psychology.


Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes, but it has many fields and subfields within it, making it a large and complex discipline. Examples of types of psychology include behavioral, cognitive, social, abnormal and comparative. There is also a dinstinction between applied and experimental psychology.

With so many aspects to consider, researching a psychology topic can be overwhelming at times. This guide will help you navigate the vast amount of psychology resources available to you through the NSCC library. Click the tabs at the top to see how to find and access library resources.

Psych Courses at NSCC

For a complete list of psychology courses, search the catalog online.

Here are examples of the psychology courses offerred at North Shore. If you are in one of these courses, this guide may be helpful to you!

  • PSY102 Introductory (General) Psychology
  • PSY110 Organizational Psychology and the Workplace
  • PSY112 Introduction to Gerontology
  • PSY114 Child Psychology
  • PSY118 Human Growth & Development
  • PSY128 The Psychology of Women
  • PSY136 Perspectives on Child Abuse
  • PSY140 Death and Dying
  • PSY142 Human Sexual Behavior
  • PSY206 Social Psychology
  • PSY208 Theories of Personality
  • PSY210 Abnormal Psychology