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SOC 106 - Introduction to Sociology - Meagher: Information Literacy Quiz

How to find the IL Tutorial

The Information Literacy (IL) tutorial provides additional guidance on how to various IL topics such as, how to determine your topic, citation, finding and qualifying information. There are quizzes at the end of each section. You must take the quizzes through the link provided for you in blackboard in order to get credit. If you have any questions about the tutorial please contact your instructor or

Where is the Tutorial?

You can find the Tutorial on the left hand side of your classes blackboard page. 

Reading the tutorial

When you have opened the tutorial, click on the folder title to open. 

Once you are in a folder, click the first section to begin reading. You can click through the rest of the sections while you are in the tutorial. 

Taking the Quiz

When you have completed reading the sections return to blackboard and click on the quiz to take it. You have 2 untimed attempts.