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CMP102 - Composition 2 - Taylor: Snap!Search

Snap! Search

Our new SNAP! Search makes finding information and credible sources a breeze. Search almost all of our databases at once with this powerful search. Here, you’ll find journals, books, videos, magazines, and more all in one search.

What is Discovery?

Discovery searches many databases in one search!

Discovery is a "Google-like" tool that searches many NSCC databases (and the book catalog) simultaneously.  This single-search option is a nice timesaver, and it often uncovers resources that you might otherwise have overlooked. 

You will get a lot of results, so take advantage of limiters on the left side of the results page! 

Literature Databases

Begin your search using some of our book sources. These databases contain articles and chapters from books that cover literary and biographical topics. NOTE: Many of the results from these can also be found via SNAP!search. 

Continue your research using our article databases where you can find more in-depth and specific information on titles, authors, and themes.

Also, try some of our general databases for more information on your topic. These databases contain some different sources than those listed above that can be useful. Most of these have an option to narrow your results to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles.

Many of the resources listed below can be discovered through SNAP! Search

Interlibrary Loan for articles

Did you find an article you would like to use for your research, but we don't have full text access?

You may request the book be sent to you via our InterLibrary Loan Service.

How to submit a request:

1. Check to make sure the journal and the full text article is not available through another NSCC database. Search Full-Text Finder.

If you locate the full text article, click on the full-text access button to open and read the article. 

2. If the full-text article is not available, fill out the InterLibrary Loan Article Request form.