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Career & Employment Resources: Company Research

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier is great database provided by EBSCO. This easy-to-use resource accesses detailed company reports, news, industry data, financial information and more. BSP is one of the best databases to start your research.

Researching Prospective Employers

Company Web sites

Company Web sites contain a lot of valuable information. Most companies will post their annual reports, historical information, locations, and finacial reports on their sites. Keep in mind that the information available on the company's Web site is used as a marketing tool, and will put a positive spin on the company's health. This information can often be found under links such as Investor Relations, About Us, or Shareholder Information. Most often a company's Web site is, if this is not the case a Google search will usually take you to your company's Web site.

Annual reports are available from aggregate Web sites such as, Annaul or the Annual Reports Library.

Search Google to find your company's Web site.

Google Web Search