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About the NSCC Library


The North Shore Community College Library provides information discovery, access, and engagement that can transform learning and empower all students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. The NSCC Library is an active participant in the student learning experience and an essential component in the College’s mission to provide educational and career development opportunities. 


The NSCC Library will be purposeful in our delivery of spaces, services, and resources that spark intellectual inquiry and lifelong learning.

  • Teaching & Learning: The Library supports student success both inside and outside the classroom. Library staff will collaborate with faculty and other members of the College to develop and deliver innovative, student-focused learning opportunities and to support faculty teaching. Library staff will anticipate and effectively respond to changes in the curriculum and student learning outcomes, will systematically assess student and faculty needs and expectations, and will develop solutions to ensure continued success of the academic mission.
  • Discovery & Access: The Library will steward student learning spaces, information resources, and services that promote student learning and success. Library staff enable discovery and access by fostering information literacy, and through thoughtful collection development, web and service design, space stewardship, and user instruction.
  • Resource Management: The Library will harmonize resources with College goals and objectives. Collections, services, and spaces are thoughtfully and continually assessed to ensure the success of our efforts and the ongoing sustainability of our program. Librarians will apply subject-specific and professional expertise to the evaluation and selection of information resources and service solutions. Library staff will scrutinize professional and market trends in order to leverage opportunities and ensure continued fulfillment of our mission, objectives, and priorities.