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HIS132 World History 2 - Kaufman: Country Research: Country Modernization Efforts

This research guide contains resources that will be useful for the units covering country study's of Mexico, Ethiopia, China and Turkey.

Search Vocabulary

Build search vocabulary by thinking about the concept of modernization considering synonyms, narrower terms and broader terms for your research.

Westernization or modernization may be more narrowly written about through specific examples like:

democracy, public schooling, freedom, equality, women's rights, capitalism, market systems, sewer systems, railroads, infrastructure

These may be more "friendly" search terms to use.

Bias in Media Reporting

Question potential bias:

1.) If the source is from a media outlet, is the outlet government funded or privately owned? Consider how this will affect their reporting on an issue.

2.) When reviewing newspaper articles be critical of information provided in an op-ed article. These opinion and editorial articles may not be written by an authoritative source and are more likely to have a biased slant.

Google Country Web Search

Get perspective of your country by using the Google Web search for that country. 





Find Internal and External Perspectives on Modernization Efforts


Find your country on the World Map. Click on the pin to get access to reference sources like the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. Also NPR podcasts on your country, and magazine and news sources.

  • Use the subject limiters on the left hand side of page to narrow results.
ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER Use to find journal, magazine and newspaper sources reporting mostly from an external perspective of modernization efforts. 
LEXISNEXIS Search LexisNexis for a country's internal perspective on their own modernization efforts, using country newspaper sources. See help video.

Finding Country Media Sources

Use BBC News Country Profiles to:

Great resource to find links to a country's media outlets, from press to television, radio, and news/Internet agencies.

Click on the Media link at the top of the country page profile.

Internationally Recognized News Sites

Troll reputable news sites like:

Al Jazeera, BBC, The Guardian, CNN, NPR

Google News

Use Google News to search through current news sources on your country (Search: China AND schools). The Advanced News Search allows other filtering like date, source and location restrictions.

Tip: Use Google Web to locate newspaper sources (Search: China Newspapers). Then use Google News to restrict results to one particular newspaper (Search: China Daily AND schools).

Subject Guide

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