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HIS132 World History 2 - Kaufman: Country Research: Present State of Affairs

This research guide contains resources that will be useful for the units covering country study's of Mexico, Ethiopia, China and Turkey.

Perspectives in Data Gathering

Realize from what perspective these organizations are gathering their information.

Consider what the institution's values and beliefs are and how this might affect their interpretation of data.

Mine Bibliographic Data Sources

If data is being pulled from an outside source, follow the source documention to potentially find more or better detailed information that you may be seeking.

Country Comparisons

Search these resources for country background information, snapshots (at a glance information) and statistical comparisons.

CIA WORLD FACTBOOK Use for a quick country overview for current state of affairs regarding geography, people & society, government, economy, energy, communication, transportation, military, and transnational issues.  

Compare country data (demographic, education & health services, trade, economic, social protection, transportation, communication & information, vital statistics) using charts, tables, and ranked statistical tools.

  • Detailed statistical information can include length of railroads in country, number of head of cattle per 1,000 population, percentage of literate individuals, and much more.
THE WORLD BANK Learn about currently funded projects and programs related to your country. Find data and information the World Bank has accumulated related to poverty, education, politics, and country development endeavors in relation to these projects.


Look at statistical profiles, economic surveys, and more indicators about the current state of life in your country.

Subject Guide

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