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CMP104 Introduction to Literature - Green: Outside (Secondary) Sources

Appropriate sources

Outside sources will consist primarily of book sources and journal articles.

  • Literature essays from books and reference titles that contain analysis of a work will be useful sources.
  • Scholarly articles from literature journals will also be valuable sources for your research. 
  • Mine bibliographies (listing of source references) of great articles.  This is a quick way to add additional revelant, related, authoritative sources to your paper.  

Article Sources

Search these for: articles and books that will contain analysis or interpretation of key works in literature

Literature Resource Center Contains reference books, literary journals and magazines. Use if you want outside critique on a work, a work overview (some summary and analysis), or biographical information on an author.
Literary Reference Center Publications included are: reference books, literary journals and magazines. Search for secondary analysis of a work (criticism) and author biographies.
JSTOR Use this database if you are looking for scholarly articles on a literature topic.
Google Scholar Use this tool to find citations related to your research. You may not find full text links to articles. If this is the case, check citations in the Library's databases or request them via interlibrary loan.
Journal Title Search Search by journal title to see if we have full text access to a particular journal in print or online.

Bloom's Literary Criticism Online

Harold Bloom's Ebook Literary Criticism Series contains literary essays on authors and their works.

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Search for Books