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SOC106 Marin Peer-Reviewed Journals

Collecting Sources & Citations

An important part of your assignment involves providing proper documentation of your sources. You are required to show the MLA citation for each source you use. Most of the Library's databases will format the citation in the MLA style with the click of a button. Once you find an article in a database there are options for getting the citation. It's important to collect this information as you find it as it is often difficult to go back and find the citation later. Look at our Citing from Databases page and the examples below for instructions in our databases.

In our EBSCO databases (including SNAP! Search)

EBSCO databases will email the citation and article to you. - Look for the "Email" link or envelope icon and select the citation style you would like (MLA). You can also copy the citation using the "Citation" link.

In our Gale databases (including Opposing Viewpoints) the MLA citation can be found at the bottom of the article or by using the "Cite" link. When you email articles from Gale databases to yourself the citation will be at the bottom.

In JSTOR use the "Cite this Item" link to copy the citation. JSTOR will not email formatted citations but you can save articles to a temporary "workspace"  and email articles to yourself. This email will include a link back to the database where you can get the citation. This allows you to 'collect' your sources and get back to the citation information.

What did you find?