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Hawthorne at Salem

Hawthorne in Salem


Welcome to the Archives Section

Salem Public Library and Bertram Elm Tree
Salem Public Library and Bertram Elm Tree
This section provides an archive of the content of the entire website by cultural institution, by literary work, by media type, and by places related to Hawthorne.

Cultural Institutions

Hawthorne Stories, Sketches, and Novels

Works by Herman Melville

Media Type

Places Related to Hawthorne

  • Salem Custom House
  • 10 1/2 (or 12) Herbert Street
  • 26 Dearborn Street
  • Brook Farm
  • Old Manse
  • The Wayside
  • 77 Carver Street
  • 18 Chestnut Street
  • 14 Mall Street
  • Lenox, MA
  • 54 Turner Street
  • 33 Dearborn Street (Robert Manning House)

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