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Hawthorne at Salem

Buildings & Houses

Buildings in Salem

Buildings in Salem: Introduction

Salem View, 1839.  Looking North on Washington Street from the intersection of Front Street.
Salem View, 1839. Looking North on Washington Street from the intersection of Front Street.(courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA)
The purpose of this section of the Website is to present some buildings in Salem, primarily ones that existed in Hawthorne's time, and in many cases are still standing. Most of these buildings have specific connections with Hawthorne, but a few contemporary buildings are included to provide a sense of Salem today. The subtopics in this section are: Government Buildings; Commercial Buildings; Churches; Museums, Libraries, and Schools; Other Buildings.
  • Essex County Courthouses, 32-36-42 Federal St.
  • Boston and Maine Railroad at the junction of Washington and Norman Streets
  • Brown Building (Merchant's Building; Union Building) , 2-4 Union St. and 105-107 Essex St.
  • Bowker (Manning) Block, 144-156 Essex St. Mall at Liberty St.
  • Downing Block, 173-175-177 Essex Street Mall
  • The Central Building/Old Custom House, 4-10 Central Street and Essex Street Mall
  • Essex Bank Building, 11 Central Street


  • Peabody Building, 120-128 Washington St.
  • Lawrence Place, 133 and 137 Washington Street and 34 Front St.
  • Salem City Hall, 93 Washington St.


  • Salem Gaol, Prison Lane (now St. Peter St. near Federal St.) Salem Jail and Sheriff's House, 50 St. Peter Street and Bridge
  • Salem Public Library, 370 Essex St.
  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 24 St. Peter's Street at Brown St. on St. Peter Square
  • First Church, 121 Washington St., 231 Essex St. Mall
  • First (North) Church (Unitarian), (North Church until 1923; First Church thereafter)
  • 316 Essex St.
  • East Church, 19 ½ Washington Square North at Brown St. (built in 1844-46)


  • Branch Church on Howard St.
  • Tabernacle Church, Washington and Federal
  • South Church, (originally at Chestnut and Cambridge Sts.; destroyed by fire in 1903)
  • St. Mary's Church, Mall and Bridge St.
  • Methodist Church, Sewall St.
  • Methodist Church, Union St.
  • Free Will Baptist Church, (in Hawthorne's time located on Herbert St.)
  • First Baptist Church, 56 Federal St.
  • Crombie Street Church, 7 Crombie St.
  • Roman Catholic Church, corner of Mall and Forrester Sts.
  • First Universalist Meetinghouse, 6 Rust St. corner of Rust and Forrester.


  • Salem Witch Museum, 19 ½ Washington Square North At Brown St. (1844-46)
  • East India Marine Hall
  • The Peabody Essex Museum
  • Plummer Hall (Once home of the Salem Atheneum and then of the former Essex Institute, it is currently part of the Phillips Library of the Peabody Essex Museum)
  • Salem Athenaeum, 337 Essex St.
  • Hamilton Hall 9 Chestnut St. at Cambridge St.
  • The Salem Lyceum, 43 Church St
  • The Hawthorne Hotel, 18 Washington Square, West
  • The Archer Block (Franklin Building), 18 Washington Square, West
  • Pickman-Derby Block, 213-215 Essex Street Mall, 1 and 7 Derby Square
  • Pickering Wharf, Derby and Congress Streets on the South River and Salem Harbor
  • Old Town Hall and Market, Derby Square, 32 Derby Square between Essex Street Mall and Front St.
  • Old Custom House, 4-10 Central Street and Essex Street Mall
  • Salem Normal School, corner of Broad and Summer Sts
  • Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company, at Congress St. on Stage Point
  • Salem State College, Lafayette St. and Loring Ave
  • The Almshouse at the Salem Willows