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MGT102 - Principles of Management - Phair: Article Searching

Snap! Search

Our new SNAP! Search makes finding information and credible sources a breeze. Search almost all of our databases at once with this powerful search. Here, you’ll find journals, books, videos, magazines, and more all in one search.

Database Search Tips

Databases vary in the amount of information they provide. Some will contain full articles (known as full text), and others may only contain citations of articles. 

It is possible that the NSCC Library may have online access to a journal in a different database than the one you are using.

The Library's Journal Finder will tell you if Library holdings include the full text of a particular journal, and whether it is available electronically or in print. 

Article Search Tips

  • Use "AND" to refine your search and narrow the number of results.  Example: veterinary AND anesthesia
  • To search a phrase, enclose the terms in quotation marks. Example: "small animal"
  • To find all possible word endings add *. Example: infect* finds infects, infected, infection, infecting, etc.
  • Too many results? Search the terms in the subject field, rather than all search fields.


InterLibrary Loan Service

Did you find an article source you would like to use for your research, but it is not available full-text in one of the Library’s research databases or in our print journal collection?

You may request the article be sent to you via our InterLibrary Loan Service.

How to submit a request:

1. Check to make sure the article is not available at NSCC. Search the journal article title to see if it is available in print or electronically at the NSCC Libraries. 

2. If the journal is not available at the NSCC Libraries, fill out the InterLibrary Loan Article Request form.

Using Google Scholar