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Open Educational Resources - Diversity: Open Courses

Open Educational Resources Guide Key

 Open - free to use and repurpose

 Free - free to use

 Affordable - available at low cost

 Free North Shore - available to NSCC students and faculty

MIT Opencourseware

MIT Opencourseware offers a comprehensive list of courses offered at MIT; course sites offer access to syllabi, readings and assignments. MIT offers over 100 classes about Diversity topics.  Humanities, Social Science and Society are good place to start your search.  The search function allows the user to narrow down their field via topic, sub-topic and if available, speciality. 

Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA)


cora Learning Logo

The Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement  (CORA) is making available “Black Minds Matter”, a FREE online course with recordings available after each meeting.  

Course Purpose

Black Minds Matter is a public series that is designed to raise the national consciousness about issues facing Black students in education. The series intentionally addresses the pervasive undervaluing and criminalization of Black minds. Tangible solutions for promoting the learning, development, and success of Black students are offered.

The Open Education Consortium

The Open Education Consortium in collaboration with MERLOT, offers a search engine on OER (Open Educational Resources). Users can also search or browse availble courses by category.

Everyday Social Justice

Everyday Social Justice

EverydaySocialJustice is an OER website for teachers or folks who are just curious and want to learn more. On the site, you can find all the teaching materials for a few courses on social justice, so people can walk themselves through it or talk about it with a “book” group. 

  • The Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies course provides an overview to shared patterns between multiple forms of oppression, as well as an emphasis on ally skills, reproductive labor, and capitalism. 
  • Queer Studies emphasizes empathy and understanding between the many identities housed under the Queer umbrella, as well as a reimagination of families and relationships.