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Film Criticism Research - Hastings: Movie Reviews

Film Research

Your assignment asks you to evaluate a movie based on your own interpretation and opinion while also consulting, considering, and integrating 4 outside sources.

Use this guide as a starting point for your research. You will find links to databases where you can search for different types of sources to meet your needs. You will also find information on evaluating sources and integrating them into your research paper.

Web-Based Sources

Search the Internet Movie Database on your film. Find key movie information for your research including director, date of release, principle cast members and screenplay writer(s).

Click on the More menu option, then under Opinion section look at the external reviews. These will need to be evaluated for academic merit. 

NPR - Movie Reviews

Rolling Stone - Movie Reviews

Film Criticism Research Databases

Using the library databases will help you find articles from many different sources at the same time. You will be able to access film reviews from news and popular sources such as The New York Times and Hollywood Reporter, and film criticism and studies from academic journals. 

The list of databases below are good places to start looking for film information.

Discovery Tool

Ebsco Discovery Service SNAP!Search 

Search for articles across all NSCC resources using Ebsco Discovery Search

Film Studies Journals

Here is a sample of the types of academic journals dedicted to film studies that are available through the NSCC Library. Searching these journals individually would take much longer than searching in the databases but it may be helpful to be aware of what kinds of film studies journals the NSCC library has access to. These are just a few examples of the film journals available.