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Scholarly Articles

Scholarly, Academic, or Peer-Reviewed journals are important sources of quality information within a given field. Each field of study or profession has its own set of academic journals. It is in these journals that scholars and experts share research findings with each other. The articles are written by scholars, experts, researchers, or academics, and the author(s) is(are) always stated. The authors are not employed by the journal, they usually work at a college or university, research lab, or in the field. 
Peer-reviewed articles are judged by a panel of experts before they are published. These are quality sources that usually contain bibliographic references and original research.

Your professor is requiring you to use these sources for your research. How do you find them? Many of our databases will allow you to limit your search to only scholarly, academic, or peer-reviewed articles. Look for these words in the advanced search options in many of our databases.

Scholarly Journals FAQ

What's in them?
  • Articles that present original research studies. Reviews of books relevant to scholars in the discipline.
  • Language is very technical, and article authors assume some scholarly background of the reader.
Who writes for them?
  • An expert or team of experts in the particular topic of study (scholars, researchers, or academics).
  • The author's credentials are usually listed with the article
Do they cite their sources?
  • Sources and references are cited or listed.
What's their purpose?
  • To share information with other scholars.
What do they look like?
  • They have a serious look and often contain many graphs and charts but few glossy pages or colorful pictures.
How long are the articles?
  • They are usually long and in-depth, often 10 pages or more.
What is their review process?
  • Peer-reviewed - a panel of experts reviews articles before they are included in the journal.

Finding Scholarly Journals

Once you have conducted a search in one of the databases, look for options such as, "Academic Journals", "Peer Reviewed" or "Refereed" to limit your search to scholarly journal articles.