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CMP101 - Composition 1 - Sherf

Databases for Topics about Sociolinguistics

Dude and Discussions about Sociolinguistics

Rebellion & Sociolinguistics

In the article "Dude, Do You Know What You Just Said?" by Mike Crissey, the author describes  In class, you used sociolinguistics as a lens to analyze the vocabulary of different demographics at different points in history. Your research will help you understand how the vernacular and vocabulary used by a given demographic reveals the dynamics of their social conditions. In the case of the word "dude," how its use by Black young men in the 1940s and 50s; white suburban teens in the 1980s; and "active seniors" today reflect their respective social grievances. 

Sociolinguists have studied these groups and, contributing to the consensus belief that "words matter," present that analysis of how the word is used reveals the social concerns of the three respective demographics.

We will consider how the use of the word "dude" reflects how these three groups rebelled against hampering social conditions. Each group was experiencing social challenges: Black young men contended with racism, white suburban teens were transitioning through post-adolescent rebellion and "active seniors" were motivated by "ageism." Their respective use of the term "dude" was one means of protesting their treatment.

Using Crissey's article, "Dude, Do You Know What You Just Said?," you will enter the world of the sociolinguist and consider how "words matter." 

Begin your research with the word that matters, Dude. Then try some of these other words to get some background information on the larger topic.

Dude / Slang / Lexicon / Vernacular / Discourse / Linguistic / Jargon / Scott Kiesling

Rebellion / Defiance / Protest / Counterculture / Mainstream Culture / Social Norms


Zoot Suiters 

The idea of the Zoot Suiters focuses on the counterculture of young African American men in the early 20th century. 



The focus on Surfers also deals with ideas around a counterculture. Using the character of Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 


Active Seniors 

The idea of Active Seniors focuses on Ageism.

Identifying Keywords - Dude

Identifying Keywords

In order to find your secondary sources for this topic, you will need to search in the library's databases. You will find direct links into the databases as well as suggestions for search terms to use to search for more sources below. Explore the databases and try out some of the suggested keywords when searching for your secondary sources. Be persistent and flexible! If you are not finding what you need, change your keywords. If you need help, reach out and ask a Librarian.



Mike Crisseys wrote the article, 'Dude, Do You Know What You Just Said?' 

The issues raised in this article revolve around the . Some search terms or keywords you could use to begin your search are listed below.

Zoot Suiters / Zoot Suit 80's Surfers Active Seniors
African American men / Black men / Blacks Surfers / Beach Bum / Burnout / Stoner

Baby Boomers / Boomers / Older / Senior / Mature / Elderly / Geriatric

Rebellion / Defiance / Counterculture / Solidarity Rebellion / Defiance / Counterculture / Solidarity Ageism / Ageist 
Stereotypes / Prejudice / Discrimination         Stereotypes / Prejudice / Discrimination
Racism / Race / Race relations             Rebellion / Defiance / Counterculture / Solidarity