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Surgical Technology Research Guide

Health Science Textbooks and Medical Reference Books for Disease, Disorders & Conditions Research

Current Textbooks and Reference Books will provide you with medical background information on specific diseases, disorders and conditions. Consult your program textbooks and R2 Digital library.

Health & Medical Websites for General Medical Background Knowledge of a Disease, Disorder or Condition

In some instances, health and medical websites may be a reasonable resource for general medical background knowledge of a disease.

Sections of a site may provide:

  • etiology, incidence rates, pathology, signs/symptoms, prognosis, course of the disease, medical treatments, and precautions

Content Evaluation Guidelines: Criteria for Appraising Health & Medical Websites for Professional Use

You should consider these four factors when deciding whether to use information from health & medical websites as part of the care of your patients:

  1. Intended Audience
  2. Currency
  3. Context
  4. Evidence Based Documentation

See Content Evaluation Guidelines for a full listing and explanation of the criteria