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CMP101 - Composition 1 - Carnevale

10/19 Library Presentation

This is a high level overview of what we'll be covering today. If you have questions at any point, don't hesitate to ask -- either by un-muting, or putting a question in the chat!

1. General Discussion of library services

2. Tour of the library website

Highlights to include:

  • How to find a specific LibGuide;
  • Navigating the home page;
  • Finding specific databases;
  • Where to find information on how to cite; and
  • Where to get help.

3. Why choose library resources for your research?

4. Comparative search: Google vs. Snap!Search

  • Discussion of results and result-types
  • Overview of filters

5. Research as an iterative process

  • Persistence, persistence, persistence
  • Adapting as you go

6. Citing: information has value

7. Final Challenge:

Practice makes perfect, right? So let's practice. Email your responses to

  1. Chat the reference librarian and find out his/her/their name and favorite database.
  2. Find a database of your choice that is not Snap!Search and send me the URL from the homepage.
  3. Send me the library website URL where you can find information on how to cite resources.
  4. Send me the permalink for a peer-reviewed journal article about a topic of your choice published after 2010.
  5. Search for an ebook on a topic of your choice and then email me the citation in MLA format.