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Tutoring Center

Created for the Tutoring Center during the Covid-19 Pandemic

NSCC Tutoring Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here’s a high-level overview of what you can expect from NSCC Tutoring Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For more details, visit NSCC Tutoring Services during Covid-19 (Google Doc).

  1. Writing Tutoring: Remotely via email
    • Available on a first-come first-serve basis
    • Submit your essay draft and other information to our updated form as soon as possible in the morning to receive priority for that day
    • Tutors will aim to provide feedback within 12 hours or less
    • Feedback will be an email response with suggestions for improving the essay
    • Students who cannot be assisted by NSCC Writing Tutors that day will be referred to ThinkingStorm
  2. Tutoring for all other subjects and Skills: Remotely via Zoom
    • Schedule a 40 minute appointment using one of the following options:
      • Log into TutorTrac and search for an appointment
      • Fill out this updated form and the Tutoring Center will find an appointment for you
    • You can then find your tutor’s Zoom Room link on the Remote Tutoring Schedule-At-A-Glance. At your session start time, join with your tutor’s link. Be sure to use your name on your Zoom account, so your tutors knows it is you and can let you in to the session!
    • Most Zoom tutoring sessions will be individual, pre-scheduled appointment only; however, this Fall we are adding some drop-in times, which are noted on the Schedule At-A-Glance.
    • Instructions for accessing Zoom
  3. Online Tutoring from ThinkingStorm
    • ThinkingStorm can be accessed from Blackboard
    • Subject tutoring has been expanded to include the following subjects:
      • Math
      • Statistics
      • Science
      • Writing
      • Business, including Economics and Accounting.  (Please note that Accounting is by appointment only.)
      • Computing
      • MS Office
      • Nursing and Health Care
      • Psychology
      • Spanish
    • ThinkingStorm Instructions

Questions? Email us at and we will do our best to help!