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Biology Subject Guide

A library guide for Biology students. This guide highlights some of the library resources that will be most helpful.

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Recommended Resources AMA

AMA Book Examples

Book Basic Format

Lastname, FirstInitial MiddleInitial, ed/trans. Book Title in Title Case. Publisher; Year of publication.

Book with multiple authors

Silverstein A, Silverstein VB, Nunn LS. Cancer. Twenty-First Century Books; 2006.

AMA Article Examples

Basic Format

AuthorLastname FirstInitialMiddleInitial. Title written in sentence case. Journal Name. Year;vol(issue no.):inclusive pages. doi:######. Date accessed only if DOI is unavailable. URL only if DOI is unavailable.

Online Journal

Drake AJ, Smith A, Betts PR, et al. Type 2 diabetes in obese white children. Arch Dis Child. 2002;86(3),207 208. Accessed April 5, 2015


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