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Hawthorne at Salem

Literary Career

Literature Related to Hawthorne's Short Stories

Illustration for "Lady Eleanore’s Mantle" from <I>Hawthorne’s Works, vol. 1, Twice-Told Tales,</i> frontispiece
Illustration for "Lady Eleanore’s Mantle" from Hawthorne’s Works, vol. 1, Twice-Told Tales,frontispiece (courtesy of Halldor F. Utne)

Short Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Note: The complete text is linked to the title of each short story. Commentary within our website is linked to words after the title.

Twice Told Tales(1837, 1851)

Mosses from an Old Manse(1846, 1854)

The Snow Image(1852)

Tanglewood Tales(1853)

The Story Teller(unpublished 1834?)

(manuscript lost, but possible order reconstructed by Weber [Webe89 183-5 ]:)

Uncollected stories or sketches in magazines (1830-1844)