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Criminal Justice: Finding Articles

What are Periodicals

Periodicals Defined

Periodicals are publications that appear “periodically”; they are published at specific times during the year -- daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly (every three months) or annually (once a year). The three specific types of periodicals that you will see most often in your research are magazines, journals, and newspapers.

Why use Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

When to Use Specific Types of Periodicals

Journals: Articles that appear in journals are generally written by scholars or experts in an academic or professional field. The articles may report original research or cover highly specialized topics; usually long, they provide in-depth analysis and include bibliographies of references used in preparing the article or resources for further study. 

Magazines: Use magazines when you need up-to-date information about current events and general articles written for people who are not necessarily experts in the subject area.

Newspapers: Newspapers provide current information about local, regional, national or international events as well as classified ads and editorials.

Criminal Justice Databases

Criminal Justice Article Collections

Discovery Tool

Ebsco Discovery Service SNAP!Search 

Search for articles across all NSCC resources using Ebsco Discovery Search

Requesting Articles

InterLibrary Loan Options for Getting Articles

If the NSCC Library does not have access to the article you need, free electronic document delivery services are available to NSCC students, faculty and staff.

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