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CMP101- Barile

Evaluating a Website

Website Evaluation (C.R.A.A.P test)  



C - Currency 
Is the page or website being updated and maintained?
When was the page written? Last updated or revised?
How current is the information? 
Are the links working appropriately? 
R - Reliable sources 
Does the information fit your needs?
Who is the intended audience?
Is the information at an appropriate level (i.e. college level, highschool, elementary)?
Have you consulted other sources before using this one? 
A - Authority - Who is the author of the website?
What are the author's credentials? 
Is the author an authority on the subject? Remember anybody from anywhere can publish on a website.  
Is the author an organization? 
What do you know (or what can you find out) about this organization?
Is there any contact information?  
A - Accuracy - 
Is the site edited well? 
Are there spelling or grammatical errors?
Is it written in a style that you would expect for the topic and audience?
Did you  consult other sources (including non-web sources) to verify the facts?  
Does the information on the site "fit" with other information that you have on the topic?
Does the author provide a way to verify information on this site? Are footnotes, citations, or sources provided?
P - Purpose
What is the purpose of the site? To inform? To sell? To persuade?
Is the site objective, showing multiple sides of an issue? Bias is not necessarily reason to reject a source - but be sure that you can identify it.
Who is the intended audience? Advanced researchers in a field? Elementary school students? Members of a particular organization or viewpoint?
If there is advertising on the page, does this affect the content?