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CMP101 - Composition 1 - Capra: Snap!Search

Snap! Search

Our new SNAP! Search makes finding information and credible sources a breeze. Search almost all of our databases at once with this powerful search. Here, you’ll find journals, books, videos, magazines, and more all in one search.

Why Use Articles

Magazines and journals are published more frequently than books. The information is often more current and is easy to locate using library databases.  Journal articles are much more specific and in-depth than many books and magazines. Often journal articles list the sources used to write the article allowing you to find other related sources easliy.

Using Keywords

When searching the library’s databases for resources on your topic, you want to choose your keywords carefully. These words will help you find the information you need quickly. Take a moment and think about your topic. Write down all the words and phrases you can think of. This brainstorming will help you find and organize your information. 

Use Limiters to Narrow Your Results

With Discovery you may get too many results. Use the built in tools on the left to narrow down your results. Trying narrowing down by source type or by subject to get a better and more manageable set of results!

Interlibrary Loan for articles

Did you find an article you would like to use for your research, but we don't have full text access?

You may request the book be sent to you via our InterLibrary Loan Service.

How to submit a request:

1. Check to make sure the journal and the full text article is not available through another NSCC database. Search Full-Text Finder.

If you locate the full text article, click on the full-text access button to open and read the article. 

2. If the full-text article is not available, fill out the InterLibrary Loan Article Request form. 

Interlibrary Loan

Did you find a book source you would like to use for your research, but it is not available in the HELM network of libraries?

You may request the book be sent to you via our InterLibrary Loan Service.

How to submit a request:

1. Check to make sure the book is not available within the HELM libraries. Search all HELM libraries.

If you locate the book, click on the  button and follow the online instructions to request the material. Note: Material may take up to a week to arrive.

2. If the book is only available outside the HELM library system, fill out the InterLibrary Loan Book Request form.