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Mobile Apps: Writing

Google Docs (Voice Typing)

Googledocs allows you to create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your mobile device. While writing, you can now dictate your text into a document through the new voice recognition feature.  Voice typing allows you to also edit and format your text by voice.  All the commands you used to do using your hands you can use your voice to. For example, navigate through the menu, "select all" or "increase font size", etc.... Free

1.Create a Google account.
2. Search the app using your device.
3. Sign in and begin using the app.

***For more information and to view screenshots please click on the icons below*** 

Spice: A Phrase Thesaurus & History of the English Language

Spice Mobile is a thesaurus app that allows you to search a keyword or phrase and as a result see related literary phrases already written in literature. It aids you in your writing by helping you come up with your own phrases to use in your writing. It will pull up inspirational samples from literature from a database of 30,000 keywords and phrases. Not Free (.99)

***For more information and to view screenshots please click on the icons below***


My Script Smart Note

My script Smart Note is a handwriting app that allows you to take notes on your device as you would with pen and paper.  You can write, draw, add equations, annotate, as well as insert pictures and audio in your notes.  Free

1. Search the app using your device.
2. Tutorial page will come up (just click on the page itself).
3.  You can try out the app as you are viewing the tutorial. 
4. There is a different pen for writing and drawing.  
5.  To begin using the app, simply close the turorial, and click on the plus (+) sign on the top right.  

***For more information and to view screenshots please click on the icons below***



WordPress is an open-source blogging app that  allows you to write, edit, and publish posts to your site. You can check stats, and it also allows you to access thousands of blogs created by other users.  You can comment and share posts with other users.  You can also maintain several blogs with one account.  There are several themes available to customize your pages.  WordPress is available in 50 languages. Free

1. Search for the app using your device.
2. Create an account (4 questions).
3. You can instantly begin writing posts by clicking View Site.

***For more information and to view screenshots please click on the icons below***

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition app that translates the words you speak into a text.  This app can be helpful when a good idea for your paper comes to mind and you don’t have time or the resources to write it down right away. This app is five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.  This app is available with Apple products. A similar app for Android would be - Dragon Mobile AssistantFree

1. Search for the app using your device.
2.  There is a legal agreement page you have to agree with before using the app (i.e. privacy).
3. Start using the app by clicking on Tap and Dictate. 

***For more information and to view screenshots please click on the icon below***

Self Control

SelfControl is an open-source app for OS X 10.5 Leopard or later  that allows you to block distracting websites, so you can focus on your writing or projects. The first thing the app asks you to do is list all the websites you want blocked and automatically they will be listed in your black list.  The next step is to set a timer or a time frame on how long you want them blocked and then click "Start." Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites--even if you restart your computer or delete the application. Free

Please Click here  for detailed instructions