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Mobile Apps: Reading



Overdrive provides access to a growing collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and videos ready for download to your computer, mobile device or audio device.   It incudes but not limited to popular fiction, nonfiction, juvenile, children books as well as best sellers.  There is no need for additional set-up with Overdrive. Free

1. Download the app directly to your device. 
2. Search for NSCC library by entering (Zip code - 01923).
3. You can browse by subject or search for a specific title and borrow it using your library card number.  

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Flipboard is a Social-network aggregator that aggregates news, images, video, social networking updates, and shared links and presents it in a magazine format from websites that have partnered with the company.  Free


1.Search the app in your device.

2.The app will ask you to select your interests (select the ones you are interested in receiving news from).

3. Provide an e-mail address or a social networking site to receive your news.  

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Aldiko Book Reader app allows you read, access, borrow, download, and orgazine ebooks on your device.  Free
-It allows you to browse large catalog of free books.
-It allows you to change font types, text sizes, as well as margins while reading.
-You can use the sort and filter option, as well as tagging, to organize your collections.
-You can borrow books from your local libraries (takes you to overdrive). 
-You can also add your own downloaded books and documents to your collection. 

1. Search for the app using Google Play or App Store.
2. Download the app.
3. Next you will see a screen shots showing the different features of the app (you can click on the skip option).
4. You can click on Get books and choose where you want to find books (Public domain books, Free samples, Libraries).
5. Next you can search for a book or you can browse through the collection. 
6. Next either download the book you have chosen, or if it is from a library borrow it through Overdrive.    

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Nook is  an e-reader that allows you to access 2 million titles, including everything from hot new releases to best sellers. Free ebooks are available, but you you still have to provide billing information in order to have access to them.  Free samples are available also.  Free


1. Search for the app in your device and download the app.
2. Barnes & Noble account is necessary to access resources. 
3. You Cannot sign up for new Nook account within application (you must do it by going to Barnes & Noble website). 
4.  Next, using your Barnes and Noble login information sign in to your Nook App.  

5.  Search for books and you can read samples before you download them. 
6. Items you have purchased/downloaded will automatically appear in your library folder.  

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Goodreads is a reading app that allows you to search for books from a collection of 8 million books.  There is an extensive community of reviews on books, and you can also find books recommended by your fellow readers and friends.  You can create shelves to keep track of what you’ve read, what you’re currently reading, and what you want to read in the future. Free

1. Search for the app using your device.
2. You will then be prompted to sign up (just your name and e-mail).
3. You will have the option of using your social media to share books (you can skip this step).
4. The app will then ask you to select your favorite genres.
5. A rating page will come for some books based on the genres you have chosen. (you can skip if you want to)
6. List of books that are trending along with their reviews will appear based on the genres you have chosen. 
7. You can search for books by (title, author or ISBN).

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Wattbad- Free books and Ebooks

Wattpad is not only a book reader app, but it is also used by millions of users  to read, share, write books, as well as to connect with people. It has features such as comment box, ratings, and links to social media, that encourages readers to use the app.  Wattpad receives over 1 million downloads per month. It provides free instant access to 100,000+ novels, fan fiction, short stories, poetry and more. It is free because all the resources are contributions by the community of users. Free

1. Search and Download the app using your device 
2. Create a quick account (3 questions) 
3. Automatically you will see categories of books. 
4. Click on any category or genre and you can browse through all the free books associated with that genre.  You also have the option to search for any title. 
5. Click on any book and you wil see the link to read or add (+) to your library. 

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FB Reader

FB reader app supports popular ebook formats and it provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of ebooks. Download books for free or for a fee. The app allows you to add your own catalog, choose colors, fonts, page turning animations, dictionaries, bookmarks, etc. to make reading as convenient as you want. FB reader is not yet available for Apple products. Free

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