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VET203/204 Animal Diseases - King: Search for Articles

Snap! Search

Our new SNAP! Search makes finding information and credible sources a breeze. Search almost all of our databases at once with this powerful search. Here, you’ll find journals, books, videos, magazines, and more all in one search.

Is it scholarly?

There are specific indicators that aid in identifing whether a source is scholarly, these include:


-general appearance

-number of citations

-author (who is it)

-language (level)

-purpose or intent of publication

-intended audience.

Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals (adapted from Cornell University Library), discusses these cues and gives examples of all article types on the scholarly/formal to popular/informal spectrum. 

Using Database Limiters

Databases often allow you to limit your results to show only items from scholarly journals.

This limiter can be denoted as either scholarly, peer reviewed, or refereed.

Using this limiter will not filter out book reviews, literature reviews, or editorials/commentaries which are components of scholarly journals, but are not an appropriate journal article source for your assignment.  

Article Databases

Article search considerations:

  • you may need to use more technical language when searching for journal articles
  • consider searching by scientific name vs. common name of disease
  • using quotes around disease name may bring back more relevant results
  • use five year prior publication date benchmark
  • utilize scholarly journal, peer-reviewed article limiters within the database
  • mine bibliographies for potentially better sources
  • look at results from veterinary or animal science subject journals


JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (JAVMA) directly search for articles in this publication from 2000 - 
ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER journal, magazine, and newspaper results from various subject disciplines

journal, magazine, and newspaper results from various subject disciplines

  • use the Advanced Search option and limit by publication title: Veterinary Medicine
HEALTH REFERENCE CENTER ACADEMIC includes scholarly and professional journals and magazines on veterinary and animal science related topics
PUBMED scholarly articles on biomedical and life sciences topics, including animal health

Article Analysis

Learn what a scholarly journal and research article are, and understand the different sections of them. (Credit: University of Texas - San Antonio Libraries)

Free Online Resources

InterLibrary Loan Service

Did you find an article source you would like to use for your research, but it is not available full-text in one of the Library’s research databases or in our print journal collection?

You may request the article be sent to you via our InterLibrary Loan Service.

How to submit a request:

1. Check to make sure the article is not available at NSCC. Search the journal article title to see if it is available in print or electronically at the NSCC Libraries. 

2. If the journal is not available at the NSCC Libraries, fill out the InterLibrary Loan Article Request form