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Surgical Technology: Finding Videos

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History of Surgery Videos

Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery Series (2008)

Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery Series 

From the pioneering work of Galen on Roman gladiators to the latest advances in plastic surgery, this five-part series illustrates the evolution of surgical techniques—a story as much of mishaps and misadventures as it is of successes and amazing advances. Filmed in America and Europe and presented by the charismatic and medically trained Michael J. Mosley. Contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. A BBC Production. 5-part series, 50 minutes each.

Patient Care for All Ages

Bioterrorism and Other Emergencies: Be Prepared, Be Safe (2005)

Bioterrorism and Other Emergencies 

This video is designed to help health care workers prepare themselves—at work, at home, and in the community at large—to respond to bioterrorism attacks and other large-scale emergencies. By watching this video, viewers will become familiar with different types of mass-casualty disasters and various kinds of personal protective equipment. They will also gain an understanding of facility and community disaster planning as well as how to plan for their own family’s safety. (28 minutes)

Emergency Management Planning  (2006)

Emergency Management Planning 

Mass casualty emergencies can take many forms, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. These events affect entire communities and bring about a surge of victims, overwhelming the capacities of first responders (police, fire, and EMS) and hospital first receivers. This program addresses the main components of the JCAHO mandate requiring all hospitals to implement emergency management planning. After viewing the program, learners should be able to outline the major steps of the Joint Commission mandate; describe the principal types of mass casualty events; understand basic procedures of emergency drills; list the areas of a hospital that must have emergency power backup; and more. (24 minutes)

Surgical Videos 1

Aneurysm: Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Boston, MA January 20, 2005.  

Aneurysm: Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Boston, MA January 20, 2005.  Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) hosted a live Webcast for viewers to watch and learn more about new endovascular repair techniques for an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), the abnormal dilatation of the major abdominal artery that causes rupture and severe bleeding.  Michael Belkin, MD, Chief of BWH's Division of Vascular Surgery and Edwin Gravereaux, Director of Endovascular Surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital performed the surgery with Anthony Whittemore, MD, former Chief of Vascular Surgery and currently BWH's Chief Medical Officer narrated the surgical techniques for the viewers.

Surgical Ventricular Reconstruction (Open Heart Surgery) New York, NY February 13. 2008

Surgical Ventricular Reconstruction New York, NY February 13, 2008.  " Welcome to the Montefiore-Einstein Heart Center in New York City.  In just moments, you'll see an expert discussion concerning a surgical ventricular reconstruction.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Michler, with assistance from Dr. Richard Bello.  The presentation will include a range of discussion topics, including a clinical discussion of the procedure and aftercare." Video announcer.

FESS polyps  Cleveland, OH May  10, 2010

FESS polyps (Sinus endoscopic FESS) Cleveland, OH May 10, 2010.   

A YouTube video displaying surgery on a patient with chronic hyperplastic rhinosinusitis (i.e., nasal polyposis). The normal anatomy is carefully "carved out" of the nasal polyp tissue. A localization device is helpful to identify anatomic structures.  Surgery was performed by Dr. Steven M. Houser, a board certified surgeon from Ohio.

Advances in Parotidectomy and Thyroidectomy Procedures San Francisco, CA July 30, 2008.

Advances in Parotidectomy and Thyroidectomy Procedures San Francisco, CA July 30, 2008.  " This program is sponsored by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Incorporated. Over the next hour, you'll have the opportunity to see an expert clinical discussion and presentation on advances on parotidectomy and minimally invasive thyroidectomy procedures live from the University of California- San Francisco Medical Center. During the program, surgeons Dr. Lisa Orloff and Dr. David Terris will demonstrate the techniques of these procedures. The webcast will feature the use of Harmonic technology that aids parotidectomies and thyroidectomies." Video announcer.

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair St. Petersburg, FL November 16, 2010.

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair St. Petersburg, FL November 16, 2010.  "Presentation of one surgeon's technique for repair of inguinal (groin) hernia by laparoscopy without entering the abdominal cavity (total extraperitoneal "TEP" repair). Indications, advantages, disadvantages and risks are described. Diagrams demonstrate the anatomy and the procedure itself and are integrated with video clips of the actual surgery. The presentation is designed to be instructive for both non-medical viewers and health care professionals."  John M. Clarke, MD FACS

Minimally Invasive Colon Surgery (Intestinal Bowel) Duluth, MI January 24, 2007

Minimally Invasive Colon Surgery (Intestinal Bowel) Duluth, MI January 24, 2007.  ": Welcome to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth, Minnesota. Today’s presentation, a laparoscopic hemicolectomy, is the second live webcast from the St. Mary’s campus. Dr. Melissa Najarian of the Duluth Clinic will perform today’s procedure while Dr Thomas Wiig moderates. A minimally invasive hemicolectomy involves the removal of a portion of the colon through a 2-inch incision in the abdomen."  Video announcer.

C Section Procedure Daytona Beach, FL March 3, 2010

C Section Procedure Daytona Beach, FL March 3, 2010 - C-Section Procedure performed at Halifax Heath in Daytona Beach, FL.  No other information available.

Surgical Videos 2

Mastectomy - 

Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expansion Albany Medical Center Albany, NY (July 31, 2008)

Breast reconstruction with tissue expansion.  This procedure will be performed by Dimitri J. Koumanis, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Albany Medical College and Jerome D. Chao, MD, FACS, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Chief of Division of Plastic Surgery – Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Albany Medical College.    Dr. Koumanis and Dr. Chao will perform the tissue expansion using Veritas® Collagen Matrix ("Veritas"), an innovative biologic material which remodels into the tissue it is used to repair. Veritas is a tested, FDA cleared and exciting alternative to currently available synthetic and biologic meshes.

Breast Reconstruction: Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (full surgical version)  Beth Israel Medical Center.  New York, NY  (Originally Aired: January 11, 2008)  "New York - Advances in breast reconstruction techniques have dramatically improved the options for breast cancer treatment. At Beth Israel Medical Center, our renowned reconstructive plastic surgeons are using the DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator flap technique in which the surgeon removes skin and fat from the abdomen and transplants it to the mastectomy site." Video announcer.   Beth Israel Medical Center  New York, NY.

Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) -

Video Assisted Thoracotomy Mt. Sinai Medical Center  New York, NY May 22, 2008.  "Today's program is on surgical techniques used in video-assisted lobectomy and lymphadenectomy for lung cancer. During the program, we will be showing video segments of a left upper and a right lower lobectomy." - Dr. Scott Swanson, chief of thoracic surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

Advances in Weight Loss Surgery: The Fully Robotic Gastric Bypass -

Advances in Weight Loss Surgery: The Fully Robotic Gastric Bypass Miami, FL May 20.2010.  "I am Dr. Anthony Gonzalez, and welcome to South Miami Hospital.  We will be doing today a fully robotic gastric bypass, one of the few robotic bypasses that you ma may see in the world.  Now the patient is positioned.  The patient is under general anesthesia.  The head is over to the left side of your screen in that direction.  The feet are in this direction.  And the robot is brought and docked over the patient’s body and ready to be used." - Dr.Anthony Gonzalez, Surgeon, South Miami Hospital.

Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal Tunnel Release Hartford, CT December 11, 2006.  "Over the next hour, live from Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, see surgery to correct carpal tunnel syndrome. When the median nerve in the carpal tunnel is compressed, it can cause hand weakness, pain, and potentially permanent numbness. To treat the condition, surgeons cut the carpal tunnel roof to decompress the nerve, allowing for improved nerve function. Orthopedic hand surgeon Dr. Andrew Caputo will perform the surgery." Video Announcer.

Lumbar Laminectomy and Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Lumbar Laminectomy and Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Philadelphia, PA November 15, 2006.  "Spine specialists at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital will demonstrate a surgical procedure to treat lower back pain. The procedure is called a lumbar laminectomy transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. Surgeons take bone off the spine to make more room for the spinal canal, free the nerve roots, and then fuse the surrounding vertebrae across the disc space."  Video Announcer

Awake Craniotomy

Awake Craniotomy Memphis, TN April 21, 2009.  "Methodist University Hospital became the first hospital in the Mid-South to broadcast an Awake Craniotomy.  Neurosurgeon Allen K. Sills, Jr., M.D., in concert with the Mid-South's only team qualified to execute this highly complex brain surgery. "  Video Announcer