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CMP101 Composition 1 - Hart: Web Resources

About the Internet

Evaluate Your Sources

Always evaluate the information you find on the Web! Anyone can publish anything to the Internet. Be sure you understand where your information is coming from.  The “recommended websites organized by subject” sites have been evaluated by a Librarian and are quality Web sites. If you use a search engine (like Google or Bing) to find information check for these things:

  • Accuracy: Who wrote the page and does it give you a way to contact the author?
  • Authority: Is the author qualified in the area they write about?
  • Objectivity: Is the information biased? Does it cover one viewpoint more than another?
  • Currency: Look for the copyright date – make sure it was published recently.
  • Coverage: Be careful with sites that charge for information. Is the information easily accessible?


Suggested websites    Pros and cons of controversial issues

Santa Ana College   Controversial Issues