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CMP101 Composition 1 - Hart: Finding Books

Online Books

  Search ebrary for thousands of Online books. Ebrary has many features to help with your research. Log-in and save books, take notes, look up definitions, get explanations of terms, search the Web, all from within ebrary. When you copy text from ebrary and paste into a word processing document, ebrary will paste the citation with the text.

Search the Library Catalog

The Library catalog searches for books and media in the NSCC collections. The most common way to search the NOBLE catalog is by keyword. If you are looking for a specific book, or books by a certain author you can search by title or author as well. Searching by subject is restricted to controlled vocabulary determined by the Library of Congress subject headings.

Once in the catalog you can expand your search to look at the collections of all the NOBLE libraries. Circulating items from other libraries can be requested using your student ID barcode and your password (your password is your birthdate - mmddyyyy). Requested items will be sent to the pickup location of your choice. 

The NSCC Libraries use the Library of Congress classification to organize our collections. Each item has its own unique call number, and these call numbers correspond to academic disciplines or subject areas. Most information can be divided into these areas (like, psychology, literature, science, medicine, etc.). When you find a book in the NOBLE catalog the call number will lead you to an area that may  have more books on your topic.