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CMP101 - Composition 1 - Sherf

Story of an Hour and Discussions about Feminism

Discussion about feminism/sexism

In the article "Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, the author describes how Victorian housewives were oppressed politically, economically, and psychologically. The in-class activity incorporates the analysis, discussion, and deconstruction of specific quotes from the primary text that is the catalyst of the thesis. And thus, the thesis directs the research and the specific construction of the annotated bibliography.


"There would be no one to live for during those coming years; she would live for herself. There would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow creature."


While there are no direct quotes from 'The Story of an Hour' that address the political realities of Victorian women, this is a topic you've identified in the class discussions.


"Someone was opening the front door with a latchkey. It was Brently Mallard who entered, a little travel-stained, composedly carrying his grip-sack and umbrella. He had been far from the scene of the accident, and did not even know there had been one. He stood amazed at Josephine's piercing cry; at Richards' quick motion to screen him from the view of his wife.."

Identifying Keywords

In order to find your secondary sources for this topic, you will need to search in the library's databases. You will find direct links into the databases as well as suggestions for search terms to use to search for more sources below. Explore the databases and try out some of the suggested keywords when searching for your secondary sources. Be persistent and flexible! If you are not finding what you need, change your keywords. If you need help, reach out and ask a Librarian.

  • Women / Woman
  • Ladies / Lady
  • Wife
  • Daughter
  • Mother
  • Widow
  • Female
  • Men / Man
  • Gentlemen / Gentleman
  • Husband
  • Father
  • Son
  • Patriarch
Nineteenth Century
  • 19th century
  • Nineteenth-century
  • 1800’s /Eighteen hundreds
  • Victorian
  • Antebellum
  • Reconstruction
  • Gilded age
  • Progressive era
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Married
  • Matrimony
  • Wedlock
  • Common law
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • William Blackstone
  • Separate spheres
  • Feme covert
  • Common law
  • Legal existence
  • Legal doctrine
  • Political/ Politics
  • Suffrage
  • Voting rights
  • Disenfranchisement
  • Citizenry
  • Financial / Finance
  • Economic
  • Inheritance
  • Property
  • Ownership
  • Employment
  • Independence
  • Wealth
  • Income
  • Earnings
  • Salary
  • Wages
  • Business
  • Allowance
  • Profession
  • Job
  • Prosperity
  • Repression / Repress
  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Power
  • Oppression
  • Patronizing
  • Rule
  • Command
  • Dominion / Domination
  • Authority
  • Jurisdiction
  • Manage
  • Supervision
  • Protection
  • Constrain
  • Discipline
  • Suppression / Suppress
  • Subjugation
  • Subjection
  • Hegemony
  • Reign
  • Patriarchy


  • Freedom
  • Emancipation
  • Autonomy
  • Independence
  • Authority
  • Control
  • Command
  • Enfranchisement
  • Power
  • Self-determination
  • Choice
  • Free will
  • Options
  • Liberty
  • Voice/Say/Vote
  • Volition
  • Rights
  • Dignity
  • Permissions
  • Privileges
  • Entitlements
  • Legitimate
  • Virtues