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Centralized location for all Covid-19 related information

Using the Hoopla App on your Apple or Android device

Using the Hoopla App on your Apple or Android device

Getting Started

You can use Hoopla from a home computer or from a mobile device.

If using a computer:

Visit and click “Get Started!”

If using a mobile device:

Download the free Hoopla app using the app store on your mobile device.

Both computer & mobile:
  1. Create an account by selecting your home library from the dropdown menu. Enter your library card number when prompted.
  2. Enter your email address and choose a password for your Hoopla account. (Write this info down and tuck it someplace safe!).
  3. Click “Sign Up” to make it official

Borrowing Limits in Hoopla:

Your local library will have monthly limits on borrowing. Checkout limits are reset on the 1st of each month. Unused checkouts do not “roll over,”but rather are redistributed among users the following month.

Finding a Title in Hoopla:

  1. Once signed in, you can browse Hoopla’s collection of ebooks, audiobooks, videos, and music.
  2. Use the search bar to look for a particular author or title, or browse by category.
  3. Click on an item to see more details.

Checking out a Title in Hoopla:

  1. All Hoopla titles are available IMMEDIATELY, with NO WAIT! Simply click the blue “BORROW” button and the title will be transferred to your “Borrowed” tab, where you can access it. You can now stream your material using the Hoopla website or mobile app!
  2. If you’d like to access the material later without worrying about internet access, you’ll need to download the item to your device by clicking the blue “Download” button.

***Please note:*** 

“Downloading” may use data on mobile devices. To prevent this, make sure you’re connected via WiFi before beginning the download.

“Renewing” Titles:

  1. Hoopla does not have a standard “Renewal” feature, however you can re-check out the book immediately after your loan period expires, with no wait, provided that you still have titles remaining for the month. (Look for the small red circle on the Hoopla home page to determine how many checkouts you have remaining for the month!)

Returning Titles Early:

  1. You can return titles early if you have finished with them, but please note that returning titles early will not affect your monthly limit. Click on the item you wish to return. Once you’re on the page for that item, scroll down until you see the option to “Return Now.” Click the link to return your item early.
  2. If you opt not to return your items early, they will simply disappear from your “Borrowed” tab when the due date has passed. A Hoopla item will never be “overdue” and there will never be late fines associated with Hoopla items!

For additional Hoopla instructions of information…

For additional technical help you can go to the Hoopla Website and visit the Hoopla Website Help Page.  You can find assistance for setting up your specific device there.