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EAP 132- Paz

Getting started with Research

Welcome students! This guide provides helpful links and resources to help you with your research. Please use the tabs to navigate through the pages of this guide.


  • Review Your Assignment 
    • What is the purpose? (cause and effect, persuasive, educational, analysis, opinion, compare & contrast)
    • Are there any requirements? (type and/or number of resources, citation style)
    • When is the paper due? (start early, to be sure you have resources in time)
    • Save your work (you can e-mail articles to your self)
  • Identify/Develop your topic
    • Use can use databases such as Opposing Viewpoints, newspaper, books, internet or even Wikipedia to come up with a topic that interests you. 
    • Use an online Reference Resources such as, Credo Referenc to gather background information on your topic.
      • Focus in understanding your topic and the issues surrounding it. 
    • As you are reading about your topic:
    • Use concept mapping (see video) or other brainstorming strategies to organize your ideas. 
    • List questions that you would like answered to help you focus your topic and guide your research.
    • Evaluate your questions
  •  Selecting Sources: 
    • Use the keywords that you jotted down while reading and begin searching for new information (journal articles, books, website, media etc..)  
    • Make sure the sources you are selecting:
      • Add new information to your existing body of evidence
      • Lead to other sources of information that might provide more details or better evidence 
      • Provide a new perspective or claim for your research
  • Cite your sources
    • ​Save/print the sources that you will be using for your paper for citation purposes. 


Reference Sources

Cause and Effect