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LSC 101 – Research Methods

Course Description

In LSC 101, learn to navigate the complex information needs of our society! This one-credit, 10 week course will help you develop career skills valued by employers and learn about emerging technologies. You will also be able to apply the work that you do in LSC 101 to any of your courses that require research.

Meeting once a week, we will explore using online library resources, finding and evaluating Internet sources, and locating and using print materials.

Maximize your efforts by using a project assigned in another class to learn the steps of the research process from start to finish. We will help make the research process easier and more effective, and give you skills that help you throughout your professional and personal lives.

This is what one student had to say about the course:

"I got a lot out of the course. I gathered research information for a Behavioral Sciences project and thanks to the Research Methods LSC 101 course, I knew where and how to start my research." He went on to say that he thinks students sometimes "feel bogged down" with the amount of information that is available to them and that this course is helpful in "making the research process flow easier" while at the same time the course is “teaching students how to cite properly and avoid plagiarism. I definitely recommend it."
Donald Turkewich, former LSC101 student.


Interested in Taking LSC101?

See the full course description and check class times and availability.