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NSCC Library Policies

NSCC Library Course Reserves Policy

Items must either be owned by the Library or be your personal copy. Items belonging to other institutions cannot be placed on reserve. You can place items belonging to NSCC Libraries on reserve at either campus. Contact your library liaison if you would like an item we do not own ordered for course reserve.

What can be placed on reserve in the Library?

  • Books and media
    • We maintain the right to limit the amount of reserves placed for a course or department.
    • All reserve items will be removed at the end of each semester. Items that are not picked up by the end of the semester will be returned to your office or department.
    • The Library is not responsible for damaged or lost personal copies. We recommend that you do not place items with monetary or personal value on reserve.

What can be placed on electronic reserve?

  • Electronic versions of journal articles not available in the Library's databases
  • Parts of books
    • For a book with no chapters or fewer than ten chapters, your use should be limited to no more than 10% of the book. For a book of ten or more chapters, your use should be limited to one chapter. If you are using pages from several different chapters, look at the average number of pages per chapter in the book and limit your excerpts to no more pages than the average.
    • If you want to use more than 10%, or one chapter, you must obtain permission to use the item. Permissions may be obtained from the Copyright Clearance Center or from the copyright holder (generally the publisher). Evidence of permission must be submitted to the Library with your reserve request.

What cannot be placed on reserve?

  • Course packs. Course packs must be purchased by students.
  • Consumables. Works intended to be used in the course of study or teaching include workbooks, lab manuals, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets, answer sheets, and student solutions manuals.

How to Submit a Request

Step 1
Review the Fair Use Exception and use the Fair Use Checklist as a tool to help you determine if your use of the item is considered fair use.

Step 2
Complete and sign the required Reserves Request Form or E-Reserves Request Form.

Please provide all information requested on the Reserve Request Forms, including complete citation information and call numbers for Library owned items. Reserve requests are processed as quickly as possible. Complete citation information and early submission of requests can help speed processing. Please allow at least one week for reserve processing.

Questions regarding reserves should be directed to:

Edie Saranteas
Lynn Campus Library Reserves
Phone: (781) 593-6722 ext 6251
Email: esarante@northshore.edu

Phanary Auk
Danvers Campus Library Reserves
Phone: (978) 739-5526
Email: pauk@northshore.edu