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NSCC Library Policies

Student Use of the Library Conference Room

Reservations must be made with a Library staff member , and are on a first come, first served basis. The room is designed for groups of 2 or more and is not available for individual use. NSCC faculty and staff have priority in reserving the use of this room.

The room may be occupied for one two-hour period per day with one two-hour renewal if there is no one waiting. Only one booking per day per group is allowed. The room is not sound proof; therefore, users should be sensitive to the need for quiet in order not to disturb others.

The conference room blinds are to be kept open at all times, and must be left neat and clean. Please pick up after your group and take all your personal belongings when you leave. Students not in compliance with these rules may be asked to leave and/or be barred from future group study use of the Library Conference Room.

The Library's Guidelines for Conduct are enforced in the conference room.