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NSCC Library Policies

Computer Use

Access to computer resources imposes responsibilities and cooperation on the part of the computer user.

The following policy statements, as well as the North Shore Community College Computer Use Policy and all local, state and federal laws, shall apply to all users of the North Shore Community College Library computers.

All users are expected to understand and follow the North Shore Community College Computer Use Policy.

Students, faculty and staff of NSCC will have priority access to library computers. Community patrons are welcome, but will be asked to yield computer access when demand by NSCC students, faculty and staff is high.

Library computer stations are limited in number and are for research purposes only.

Young children are not permitted to use the library computers. High school students may use the computers for homework and research purposes.

You can print from any computer in the library. When students click "print" they will be prompted for their Pipeline user name and password. Current NSCC students are allowed $25.00 in free printouts per semester. If any additional printing is necessary, students are charged $.10 per b/w page and $.25 per color page. Students may set up an online printing account or pay with cash at the circulation desk. Community patrons are responsible for paying for all printouts, which are $.10 per b/w page and $.25 per color page. Community patrons may set up an online printing account or pay with cash at the circulation desk.

Appropriate and authorized use of library computers includes but is not limited to:

  1. Gathering and providing research material
  2. Preparing course materials
  3. Completing class and homework assignments
  4. Enhancing educational teaching methods
  5. Gathering information from Campus Pipeline
  6. Using the NSCC web site to register for classes
  7. Searching catalogs and databases provided by NSCC Libraries
  8. Searching the Internet for study, research, and teaching

Patrons found to be using the computers in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave. Inappropriate and unauthorized uses of the library computers:

  1. Cheating
  2. Plagiarizing
  3. Gambling, games
  4. Furnishing false information
  5. Conducting a business or unauthorized use of college computers for financial gain
  6. Disrupting normal operation of the college network
  7. Monopolizing resources
  8. Distributing media containing viruses
  9. Unauthorized sharing or attempting to access computer accounts, or passwords of others
  10. Inappropriate transmission or receiving obscene or abusive materials